Exhaust in details - The modular flange


In our pursuit for excellence, we have further upgraded the modular cylinder flange. This flange will ensure the ease of installing, a perfect fit, and will prevent oil leak at the connection surfaces.


The parts itself are CNC turned, this ensures a perfect fit. We have developed a way to ease the removal of the springs, which without proper tools are usually hard to remove. With our flange, the removal is very simple, no tools are needed! Check out the pictures below.

The flange also features two viton o-rings, one is placed where the flange connects to the cylinder, the other is placed between the flange and the header of the exhaust, ensuring that oil won't leak there.




Hold the spring's upper ear

Turn the ear towards the open side of the flange

The spring will release with ease. Be sure to hold firmly the spring, or else it will fly off.


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