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Our story


Hard to tell when it all began. The passion in two-stroke engines, and the thrill of competition in the race track, was the main guide for the building of the first examples of the exhaust systems. The first pieces were a rude image of a racing exhaust, the cones were cut by hand, welding was amateuristic, various bits and pieces hand sawed and hammered together. But the good initial results encouraged us to continue with the development, so we constantly enhanced the materials, the building technology and most important of all, the knowledge of how a good performing exhaust should be constructed, grew.


It's not an easy task to build a good exhaust. Physically it goes under a lot of stress, a race engine makes a lot of vibrations and the temperature changes are extreme. It has to look good, everybody knows, that if it looks good, it works good:) And due to the tricky nature of the two-stroke engine, the exhaust has to work in sintony with the engine.

In order to constantly improve the exhausts, we had to make a lot of testing (and we still do today).


That's why we have built on our own dynamometer, with which we can measure te performance of an exhaust with high accuracy. The easy use of it allows us to make many tests in short time, thus compare our and other commercial exhausts.




Testing on race track tells us how an exhaust performs in "real life". That's why we follow and partecipate in the field of racing. Mostly scooter cups and drag races.





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