Exhausts in details


Presenting our latest type of cylinder flange.



Tests on the dynamometer


We have developed an exhaust, for the Stage6 R/T 70cc racing cylinderkit. Click on the icon on the left to download our report on the testing of the cylinder. NOTE: This document was written before the final version of the exhaust was developed. The final version made unnecessary the additional flange mentioned in the document.

Test of our 80-86cc exhaust, compared to the 80cc 2fast exhaust. The engine is a complete 2fast engine, slightly tuned cylinder.

The red line is our exhaust, the blue is the 2fast exhaust. Our exhaust had slightly less top power, but the torque at lower RPM was substantially higher.

Test was done by Maxiscoot GmbH.

Added 12.3.2009






Tuning guides


How to properly read the carburettor jetting from the sparkplug. It's a short explanation of the best way in our experience, on how to read the jetting.




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